Fire Safety

Meeting Government Legislation

It is your responsibility to ensure your business meets fire safety criteria set by government legislation. You may be penalised if you don’t have correct procedures and documentation in place.

Don’t forget that even holiday letting accommodation comes under this legislation.  

How we can help

Fire safety legislation, codes of practice, British and European Standards can be a struggle for a lay person already faced with numerous tasks and references. Wrongly applied, money can be wasted and standards not achieved. You may not need to do as much as you think!

We can help by carrying out a dedicated fire risk assessment on your behalf, and providing a report and table of management actions for you to follow, that would satisfy your regulatory responsibilities.

Should you decide to seek external assistance for premises under your control, we would be pleased to discuss a competitive rate for your individual occupancy, premises or property management portfolio.

You may already have a fire risk assessment but this is not a one off process. Your responsibility is to manage and maintain fire safety measures.

If you need a compliance or “health check” of your current fire safety measures, we can visit your premises, carry out an inspection and give you a written report which will highlight any areas that need attention.